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Professor John A Gotti

Prof brings one-liners, analysis and reads to Debate Amongst Friends. He brings ideas that comes from the mind of Doc Leesnar into reality. Prof brings his experience playing basketball and watching hours of sports to help with prediction making. Prof brings a dose of reality to the show.

Favorite Quote
“We are on a pilgrimage to expose these media baiting sports shows. We are here to give the people what they need, true sports!”

Favorite Sports Teams:
New York Knicks
New York Yankees

Doc Leesnar

Doc brings the charisma and (dare we say) hype to Debate Amongst Friends. The man behind many of the excellent ideas, Doc brings his experience both playing and coaching sports. Do not be fooled by the wit, Doc will break down a teams wall brick by brick. Doc shoots from the hip and you can’t teach that.

Favorite Quote:
“Man, them boys are bums!”

Favorite Sports Teams:
Houston Rockets
Duke Blue Devils
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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